Many moons ago we sailed out at night to find the worlds best fruits and juices to blend for you. Our adventure began as we sailed out under the stars. We followed the North Star across the seas on our search. We sailed all night and by the light of the sun we saw the outline of an island. As we sailed closer we were mesmerized by the healthy physique of the Island people and the exceptional fruit growing on the island. They showed us the island and took us to the heart of their civilization where they taught us their ancient secrets to health and nutrition. We watched them combine the finest fruit and juices into the core of the Island, a giant blender. We knew we had discovered a rare find and must bring it back to the main land to share with all. We have now learned the useful secret of the Keva people when you put health in you get health out. The opportunity is now yours, drink Keva be healthy.

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